Man Gives Three Severed Heads to Nephew as Birthday Present

Illinois resident Alex Kinly was taken into custody over the weekend by authorities in Iowa. He was initially pulled over when police spotted a sedan that matched the description of a vehicle used in connection with the First Central Bank robbery earlier that day. It was later determined that Mr. Kinly had no involvement with the robbery, but while performing a routine search of his trunk officers made an unexpected gruesome discovery.

Sources revealed that three decaying severed heads had been bound in bubble wrap and carefully stores amongst his luggage. Further evidence lead investigators to believe that the heads were actually intended as a birthday present for Kinly’s ten year old nephew in Nebraska. No word yet as to who the heads belong to or how Kinly came to have them in his possession.

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Woman Finds Impromptu Graveyard in Back Yard of New Home

Initial findings released by animal control deepen the mystery of the mass feline grave found in New Orleans woman’s back yard. Melony Motrea of New Orleans Louisiana unearthed a grim scene while preparing to plant a rose garden behind her house when she uncovered the bodies of over thirty cats. She immediately called animal control who quickly removed the remains for examination.

According to animal control reports the cats appear to have died all within a three month span and show definite signs of abuse. One analyst states the animals, “looked like they had been experimented on”. The remains are currently being held in quarantine for further testing to determine if the animals were indeed used for experimental purposes.

“At first I was concerned, but now I’m downright terrified! To think that someone was hurting those poor creatures is horrible and now the possibility that they were experimenting on them right here in my own home makes me wonder if it’s even safe to be here. What if whoever did this was creating some sort of virus or poison or something?” Mrs. Montrea is anxiously awaiting the results of the tests and has already been seeking other housing options should it come to that.

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Skinless Corpse Found in Alley by Local Coffee Shop

A body was found early Monday morning in the alley beside the Perky Place coffee shop on Oak Ave. Megan Jones of Medford Oregon discovered the remains of an unknown male while taking out the trash during her morning routine. Miss Jones declined to comment, but according to sources the completely skinless corpse was found in a sitting position against the dumpster in the rear of the alley.

No words yet as to the cause of death and the victim’s skin has yet to be located by authorities. Police are asking that if anyone has any information or was in the area of the Perky Place coffee shop to please come forward as soon as possible.

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