Timing is Everything

Wake up, walk the dog, do morning chores, sit down to write, remember to feed the dog, get hungry myself, go to fridge and stare at it, walk to pantry and stare around in it, finally eat, sit down to write, phone call, finish call get back to writing, bathroom break, back to writing, cat hops onto laptop and looks at me with the sad face while letting out a pathetic ‘I feel little and I need a cuddle’ meow, give in and cuddle the cat who spreads out all over laptop then falls asleep, let out big sigh and attempt to type around the furry cat butt, not working so well, decide to check email, Facebook, Twitter, while getting up the nerve to move cat, dog wants walked again and runs cat off for me, walk dog, get back to writing, husband comes home, time to fix dinner, eat, get back to writing, stare at screen until bedtime. Oh well, try again tomorrow.


Lucid Dreaming- The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

As I stated in my interview many of my story ideas come from my dreams. Not only do I have dream recall, but I enjoy the wild adventure known as Lucid Dreaming.

Now there are usually two schools of thought on lucid dreaming. Those that say it’s impossible and like the Easter Bunny; doesn’t exist, and those that either can do it, has done it at least once, or just think it’s really cool and want to do it.

For those of you that are unsure what lucid dreaming is or entails, to put it mildly it’s the ability to know you’re dreaming and/or be able to control the dream in some way. Whether you believe it’s possible is entirely up to you I just know what I’ve been able to do ever since I can remember (and that’s a long time).

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