What To Expect When You’re… Dead!

The Zombie Chronicles

Life is never like you think it would be and come to find out… neither is death. I’m not talking about being side swiped by an illness or a sudden car crash. Sure those things were not in mine or really anyone’s plans, but at least they are within the normal scope of life. Not like waking up one day and finding out that you’re dead! That’s just not right. No one knows how or why it happened. One day people just died and then got back up and went on with life; or some resemblance of it. It caused panic and fear and a whole lot of confusion, but eventually the undead became a part of everyday life so to speak.

So why am I writing this, well think of it as a guide to all of those who just crossed over and found that yes they are still on planet earth and are now part of the legions of undead. Think of it as a reference to all of you who are still alive and a bit curious into the un-life of the undead. Or you could just consider this therapy on the cheap. Either way, I’m here now and it’s obvious I’m not going anywhere soon so deal it, I am. Continue reading


What To Expect When You’re… Dead! Coming Soon!

It’s October, the month when most of us begin thinking more about ghosts, monsters, zombies and CANDY, CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! In honor of this month of frights I’m introducing a new blog series called ‘What To Expect When You’re… Dead! The Zombie Chronicles’ launching later today. For all those who subscribe to my blog it will not only have it’s own section on the website menu, but will be part of the regular blog as well so you won’t miss out.

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