What to Expect When You’re Dead…Chapter 2

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Two

Getting Ready

I work a lot of extra shifts to pass the time. I’m a data analyst and where I use to put in extra hours for that nice bonus, or to be perfectly honest to show up my co-workers (especially Dennis) I now do it to keep the hours of boredom at bay. It also helps to ensure that I still have a job, things are a bit touch and go in the job market for the undead, but more on that later. My bills may be lower, but I still have to pay them.

I make a pretty nice salary and since being dead helps to keep the expenses down I can splurge on the things I’ve always wanted. On the other side of that now that my lifespan plan has made a drastic change maybe I should be planning loooong term. Then again this whole thing could end tomorrow. Whatever, my brain cells are not reproducing like before so there’s no since wasting any of them on the ‘what ifs’ of zombie retirement. Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving

May you be as stuffed as your turkey and as full of thanks as you are of pie, potatoes, yams, cranberries, rolls, corn, green beans,… etc … etc….

Finding the Thanks in Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year when friends, family and community come together to laugh, love, reminisce, and eat- a lot.

Back in the day when entire families or communities came together each bringing a single offering for the table the abundant feast was a joy to behold and even now with those who have a large family to gather around and join hands in both the preparation of the meal and the blessing or thanks of it’s still that.

BUT… with families split all over the world and the amount of individuals required to work because of all those Black Friday deals Thanksgiving Continue reading

Dreaming Fundamentals

We all do it. Either when we’re alone or with someone else. Day or night, it doesn’t matter when, it’s a biological necessity. Like eating or breathing we simply have to… dream. It doesn’t matter if you have no memory of it, you know something weird happened, or you can recall every twisted crazy moment we all dream. Sometimes they make sense other times it’s like being in a Salvador Dalí painting. Too much Walking Dead or Bugs Bunny can really give you an interesting night, trust me. Over the years I’ve noticed certain fundamentals about the world of dreams and have been teaching myself how to handle them within the dream itself. Continue reading