What to Expect When You’re Dead… Chapter Three

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Three

Meal Planning

Here’s where things get… interesting. We don’t attack people contrary to popular belief and the dismay of all the zombie apocalypse preppers, though not everyone believes it. I came back well into the undead scare so I didn’t have to go through the quarantining or imprisonment that happened to so many in the early days. Once it was determined that mankind was safe from them, or us actually most of us were safe from being locked away or having our heads blown off, thought that still happens more often than any of us would like.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I imagine it’s pretty much the same for everyone that well… doesn’t stay dead. I refused to eat brains, Continue reading


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to 2016! May this new year be one of new beginnings and full of blessings.