What to Expect When You’re… Dead Chapter Six

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Six

Cause and Effect

Super virus, alien plague, government engineered bio weapon, divine punishment, evolutionary screw up, genocide …. Every notion known to man from the reasonable to the most outlandish conspiracy theory was thrown out when the outbreak happened, and every medical facility from the CDC to John’s Hopkins to the guy in his plastic lined basement jumped into the rush to not only find a cure and vaccine, but the reason behind the whole thing.

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What’s In A Name?

Shakespeare may have alluded to the fact that a name isn’t what matters, but let’s face it; it helps. How would we feel about Snow White’s dwarves if they were named Slimy, Gassy, Psycho, and so on? Or how would it be if Vlad Dracul was named Carl; not so scary or exotic. So let’s face it the core of a character may be the same regardless of his or her name, but the name can make such a difference in the way we connect to the them and their story. Continue reading