What to Expect When Your… Dead Chapter Seven

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Seven

What’s Up Doc

I have decided that my shrink’s an idiot. Ever since it was discovered that the undead still have an uncanny sense of self, after-life therapy has become a ‘hot trend’ for those on the opposite side of the flatline. For me I wouldn’t have bothered. It’s not really my thing, though I totally understand that some people need (desperately) help in the transition. If it wasn’t for my company’s requirement that all undead personnel go for regular counseling sessions to make sure that they are stable employees a.k.a. not preparing to turn the break room into an all you can eat zombie buffet, I wouldn’t even bother. I mean what can a living breathing person possibly know about adjusting to waking up dead? Continue reading


From Darknes Reveal

From Darkness

Aging rocker Bane Bronson was used to living life on the edge and not even the slow progression of time could mellow him. He was born, lived and was destined to push the envelope further than anyone else and answer to no one, or so he thought. Someone was about to get his attention and send him on a trip unlike any he had ever been on before. Continue reading