What to Expect When You’re… Dead Chapter Nine

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Nine

No Pride; Just Prejudice

When you’re dead people look at you differently. It’s a fact of life; so to speak. At first no one really noticed that I was no longer… aging. My death had been so quick and left me looking like normal that it took a while before anyone really noticed that I was undead. Things were going pretty good, until recently that is. Continue reading



When I was a child I lost a shoe to one of my dolls and it nearly broke my heart. I would dream about finding it over and over and each time I would hold onto that little shoe as hard as I could so that when I woke up I could have it back. It took me a few times before I realized that though I could control my dreams and do some pretty amazing stuff I couldn’t bring things out of my dreams. No matter how hard or how tight I held onto that little doll shoe I just couldn’t bring it through into reality.

Life is like that. Sometimes when we’re trying to make a dream come true we hold on so tight things seem to still slip through our fingers. Kind of like trying to hold onto a hand full of sand, the tighter you squeeze the more you lose. That’s when you have to open your hand and let the grains rest in your palm, and that’s also the trick to life. To learn when to hold on tight, when to let go, and when to open your hand and just… be.

Of course that didn’t stop me from trying on occasion as I grew older and if I’m perfectly honest I still try every once in that blue moon. Hey, you never know right? Stranger things have happened.