What to Expect When You’re…Dead Chapter Ten

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Ten

Hit and Misses

I miss the little things. The smell of a spring rain, the feel of the sheets in the morning, the breeze through the windows in the fall, that kind of thing. I never thought those would be the kind of things that I would miss the most. Well that and a big fat bacon cheese burger, ohhh that or a steak. Yeah definitely steak. Continue reading


Coming Soon

Kid Zone



Introducing Kid Zone to the website. A page dedicated to the new children’s books set to be released by Sasha Pruett this fall. This fall will see many changes coming to the site including a new welcome page and a section for the little ones in your life. So keep checking back and don’t forget the one year anniversary of What to Expect When You’re… Dead, the blog of a recently deceased businessman tying to readjust to ‘life’ as a zombie, is just a little over a month away. Get caught up now!