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What to Expect When You’re… Dead, Chapter Sixteen

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Sixteen

The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night

I’m bored, bored out of my skull bored. Not sleeping has it’s advantages and for a while it was pretty awesome, but the bloom is definitely off the rose. Or should I say the stink is definitely on the corpse. I started trying to figure out new ways of spending my endless amount of time, but let’s face it I’m kind of limited. My eyes glazed over after all the hours gaming and at one point even got stuck in my sockets. It took me nearly six hours and three bottles of eye drops to be able to look left and right again.

I repainted every room in my house; twice. Learned a new language. Read every book I owned and when they ran out I joined one of those online libraries and read until every book started to sound like every other book I had already read. I watched every movie and TV show I could stomach on Netflix ( and in desperation, a few I couldn’t). So yeah, like I said, I was bored to death. I guess my next move wasn’t so crazy as I first thought. Continue reading

Ouch! That Hurt…

I’ve been stabbed, shot, bitten (yes bitten), beheaded, disemboweled, crushed, speared, (a.k.a. ran through with a pole), pulled apart, and burned and yes they all hurt. Some more than others. No, I’m not a character in one of my books or some psycho’s torture victim. I am a lucid dreamer and even though I wouldn’t give up this amazing ability… sometimes, it sucks. Continue reading