What to Expect When You’re… Dead, Chapter Nineteen

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Nineteen

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I’m not much of a reader. I never really saw the point of reading a book when they’ll just make a movie about it if it was any good to begin with (or even if it wasn’t worth a…) and I’d save myself umpteen hours that I could be doing something else. Even if the movie was a waste, all I’d lost was a couple of hours at most. Now that’s not such an issue anymore so I downloaded some reading apps and books. I found a cache of free books to try out and even received a free advanced copy of some books coming out next month or so as part of a beta reader program. I figured ‘what the hey’ can’t beat free and sat down to read the first book I’ve willing read since I was a kid. I didn’t stop until the last page. Continue reading


Bloodbourne- Sneak Preview


The master of the house sat behind his antique Carpathian Elm desk with his trusted major domo and officer standing dutifully and silently in the corner behind him. The only witness to a very interesting discussion with his wife.

“Someone has been wiping her memory. Any idea which one of them it could be?” Sir Drake asked arching one thick dark eyebrow.

“How unusual, but why do you ask me such things my love? The boys are your department not mine.”

“I was wondering if one of the girls may be behind this. You know how lively Erzsébet is and irritating her brothers isn’t beneath her. It would be quite the game don’t you think?”

“True, but I don’t believe any of the girls have been in to visit our new pet for any reason. I can inquire of Lana if you’d like?”

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