What to Expect When You’re… Dead Chapter Twenty Two

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Twenty Two

New Year, New Zombie

After reconnecting with my brother I decided that it’s time to look at my after life with new… well, life. So, I decided it was time to make some New Years Resolutions. Something I haven’t done in years, but I think it’s time to start.

-Make New Year Resolution (Check, see I’m off to a good start!)

-Eat healthier brains

-Find use for pine boxes

-Learn a dead language

-Review life insurance policy

-Research/invent bulletproof fedora and baseball cap

-Go to Romerofest

-Read more, binge watch cooking channel less


Post Publication ‘Now What?’s


The last period has been set. Spell check has been hit for the last time. Formatting has been completed and Bloodbourne is now on digital book shelves. Yay! The journey is complete and other than some website changes and promotional work the book has been closed. So…. Now what?

Yes friends I have officially hit the ’Now What?’ stage of the book writing process. It’s the point where I sit down at my computer and realize there’s no more editing to get through, no more chapters to be written and no more formatting to wade through. Now What? Each time I finish a book I tell myself that now it’s time to take a break and recharge my batteries. To enjoy some of my many hobbies that I’ve been neglecting, learn to play that violin that I’ve been ignoring for nearly two years now and catch up on my video game playing, before starting my next project. Just one problem, I don’t feel right if I’m not working. I love my work, and I’m so blessed that I do. So, will I take a break? Will I use my time to focus on actually enjoying the holidays this year and working on those artsy fun projects that I lay in bed at night dreaming up and planning? Mayyybe.

Do I have my next writing project in mind? Yes. I actually have my next twenty-eight projects planned. (Hey, I fully disclosed that I am a list person!) Will I give myself a break and have some fun doing nothing in particular? Probably not. Oh well. At least I tried, and my next book is…. 😊