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The Sanity of the List


The packages have been put away. Visitors have returned to their homes. The kids are back in school (for those that have them) and another Christmas season has passed. Yes it’s a new year and I’ve survived with my sanity intact. At last I think I have. Wait, let me check… yep, all there, I’m good. And I owe it to my handy dandy list. Did I say list? I meant listsssss.

There my ingredient list, my timed to do list (to make sure I have everything cooked and ready), the gift idea list along with its partnering list of family and friends (for making sure no one is missed and all the gifts are boxed, wrapped and ready), my Christmas chore list, the daily to do schedule list, the Christmas craft/projects/gifts list… well you get the idea.

I save myself hours of laying in bed at night running over things in my mind just knowing that I have a list. I get more rest and the satisfaction of seeing things crossed off the lists. I can literally see that I am making progress. The biggest thing to remember is that the list is a flexible entity. Things change and you need to go with it. I may be… okay I am obsessive with my lists, but they save me from having to down the Xanax I’m okay with that.

New Year; New Beginning

Happy New Year!

Each year we’re blessed with new beginning. A fresh new year ahead of us full of possibilities and opportunities to become the people we were created to be. As we celebrate this new beginning don’t lose sight that it’s not just a new year we are granted on this day, but each month we have a new beginning. Even each dawn is a new day. Each and every day is fresh and new and full of promise. So yesterday sucked big time… today is jut beginning. Today not working out so hot… tomorrow is on the horizon.