Behind the Pen

FrontcoverYou can get into writing a book as much as you can reading it. When all else falls away and the only thing is the story and the world that you are creating. This can be a great thing, but not always. One of those moments was while writing the very same chapter of Costly Obsession: Animalize that is up for free preview. It was night and I was alone in the house. The electricity had gone out and in an effort not to break stride I sat at my desk, pen writing furiously by the light of a single candle that barely produced enough light to write by let alone see through the darkened house, but I didn’t care I was in the zone and the creature was catching up. Right as the lightning flashed and the teen girl saw the form of the monster standing erect in the mouth of the cave a thud rang out in the shadows outside the light of the flickering candle. I jerked up staring into the darkness beyond my bedroom and into the bathroom across the hall and there directly across from me were two glowing eyes staring back. I couldn’t believe it!

The eyes were steady, no movement, no blinking, just staring. Then just as suddenly as they had appeared they vanished and I heard thud in the darkness and I began to laugh. It dawned on me that the eyes had belonged to none other than my pet cat Figi who had evidently jumped onto the stacked efficiency washer dryer we had in the bathroom. All you could see of the solid black feline in the dark was the glow reflected from the candle in his eyes. I still get a chuckle out of the whole thing to this day. The cat on the other thought I was nuts.



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