Some of you may have noticed that I have been absent of late. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances I’ve had to temporarily suspend all writing projects including this blog and the ever popular Zombie Chronicles. So sorry.

I hope to be back at it soon with a new website design as well. Bunny Feet, which was scheduled for release for spring of this year will be rescheduled for next spring 2019. Hopefully the chaos of life will calm down enough to get back to all my writing projects. Thank you for hanging in there with me and I’ll see you as soon as I can.


What to Expect When You’re… Dead Chapter Twenty Four

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Twenty Four

Hacking the Undead: Tips for the Modern Zombie

Your new life leaving you in the lurch? Wondering through your post death existence with more questions than answer? Don’t worry, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make your new “life” just a little less complicated.

1) If you’re like many of the newly undead you may not be ready to let that cat out of the bag and sitting down to a can of brains at lunch may not be the highlight of your day. Instead of hiding away in the bathroom or starving yourself this simple trick can help keep your secret or just make those meals with others more comfortable. Brain shakes, simply puree a few cans or even fresh brains of your choice and sip your way through the day. Mix and match different brains to try new flavors or add food coloring to pass off your liquid refreshment as soup. No one ever need know what it is your sucking down and no need to make others at the table uncomfortable with your new diet. Continue reading

I Saw the Signs

Some people may think I’m crazy or at the very least; not quite right, but I promise you it’s very real. I’ve noticed them more and more. At first I wasn’t really paying attention, but then I started noticing them. There were signs, everywhere and I couldn’t help but see them.

Everywhere I look I see signs. When I’m driving, I see them.


When I walk out my door I see them.


When I’m out getting groceries they’re there.


And it’s not just outside that I see signs. I’ve noticed them while watching movies, tv shows and even on the commercials, and just the other day they were all over my computer when I was asked to prove that I wasn’t a robot.


I know someone is trying to communicate with us, I just know it and I’m not crazy. If you open your eyes to the world around you I promise you, you’ll start seeing signs too!

Okay, so yes this post is completely ridiculous. It’s funny some of the things we (people) get… shall we say… over focused on. Here’s wishing you a blessed and very happy Friday the 13!

The Bunnies Are Coming!

That’s right… long ears, fluffy tails, and so much more. The bunnies are on their way. Mark your calendars for the spring release of my new children’s book ‘Bunny Feet’.

Follow the story of Foopie, the Easter Bunny who wants nothing more than to have a home for Easter, but a mistake while he was being stitched together left him… different. Alone and sad on the empty store shelf, Foopie doesn’t think he’ll ever be picked for the Easter basket. That is; until a last minute shopper hurriedly puts him in their shopping cart, but what happens when his… difference, is noticed? Will he lose his chance to be some little boy or girls special little Easer bunny?

This all new, illustrated children’s book is appropriate for all ages; even those of us whose age may increase but are still young at heart. Look for ‘Bunny Feet’ on digital store shelves, Spring 2018, in eBook and paperback for your little one. For a story about how our differences aren’t the mistake we think they are, and how our differences make us even more special; ‘Bunny Feet’ is a touching story about love, acceptance, and believing in yourself. 

♥ Bunny Feet ♥

Spring 2018


What to Expect When You’re… Dead, Chapter Twenty Three

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Twenty Three

Love Stinks, But So Do I

February has never been that big of a thing for me. I mean sure I’ve dated and had my fair share of Valentine’s Day… dates, but ever since joining the league of the undead February has gone from, ‘make sure I don’t forget the 14th or else I’m in the dog house’ to ‘just go ahead and bury me now’.
Continue reading

Bloodboure 2: Uprising

 Sooner Than I Thought

I want to thank everyone for the positive support that I’ve received for my new book Bloodbourne. Your reviews and interest in not only Bloodbourne, but in its sequel Bloodbourne II: Uprising have really been a blessing. It’s also opened my eyes a bit and helped me make a decision.

You see, I have a confession to make. There is no Bloodbourne II… just kidding. There is, I just wasn’t planning on writing it for a while; say a couple of years. It’s nothing against the story itself and yes, I already have an outline, but I had already decided to move on to other projects instead.

Bloodbourne was fun to write and even when I had to read it over and over and over again for typos, (which I’m very sorry for all of the ones I’ve missed) I still enjoyed it. Not once did I hiss at my computer when I walked by it. 😊 (And that’s saying something!) It’s simply that I already had my next five projects lined up. That’s all changed now and it’s changed because of you. After I began receiving such positive feedback and interest in Bloodbourne II: Uprising, I stopped to look at things not from my writers’ point of view, but from the readers. As a reader I hated when authors put out a book and then went on to other projects, sometimes waiting years before releasing the sequel. So, keeping my readers in mind I’m putting my book, Dragon Tamer aside and moving right on to Bloodbourne II instead.

I can’t say for certain when the release will be, but I won’t make you wait for the next installment of Bloodbourne. Promise. Although for full disclosure I will admit that two other projects have already been in the works. Bunny Feet and the ‘Color Me’ and paperback versions of my other children’s books have been in the works already, but they won’t cause much of a delay. Stay tuned for future updates on not only Bloodbourne II, but on all my current and upcoming releases.


My apologies for any problems you may have experienced while on the site. I’m currently doing maintenance. It seems that what worked yesterday doesn’t work today… go figure right? Anyway I hope to get the bugs out of things ASAP, I’ll see what the exterminator says. Thanks for hanging in there with me.