The Bunnies Are Coming!

That’s right… long ears, fluffy tails, and so much more. The bunnies are on their way. Mark your calendars for the spring release of my new children’s book ‘Bunny Feet’.

Follow the story of Foopie, the Easter Bunny who wants nothing more than to have a home for Easter, but a mistake while he was being stitched together left him… different. Alone and sad on the empty store shelf, Foopie doesn’t think he’ll ever be picked for the Easter basket. That is; until a last minute shopper hurriedly puts him in their shopping cart, but what happens when his… difference, is noticed? Will he lose his chance to be some little boy or girls special little Easer bunny?

This all new, illustrated children’s book is appropriate for all ages; even those of us whose age may increase but are still young at heart. Look for ‘Bunny Feet’ on digital store shelves, Spring 2018, in eBook and paperback for your little one. For a story about how our differences aren’t the mistake we think they are, and how our differences make us even more special; ‘Bunny Feet’ is a touching story about love, acceptance, and believing in yourself. 

♥ Bunny Feet ♥

Spring 2018



What to Expect When You’re… Dead, Chapter Twenty Three

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Twenty Three

Love Stinks, But So Do I

February has never been that big of a thing for me. I mean sure I’ve dated and had my fair share of Valentine’s Day… dates, but ever since joining the league of the undead February has gone from, ‘make sure I don’t forget the 14th or else I’m in the dog house’ to ‘just go ahead and bury me now’.
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Bloodboure 2: Uprising

 Sooner Than I Thought

I want to thank everyone for the positive support that I’ve received for my new book Bloodbourne. Your reviews and interest in not only Bloodbourne, but in its sequel Bloodbourne II: Uprising have really been a blessing. It’s also opened my eyes a bit and helped me make a decision.

You see, I have a confession to make. There is no Bloodbourne II… just kidding. There is, I just wasn’t planning on writing it for a while; say a couple of years. It’s nothing against the story itself and yes, I already have an outline, but I had already decided to move on to other projects instead.

Bloodbourne was fun to write and even when I had to read it over and over and over again for typos, (which I’m very sorry for all of the ones I’ve missed) I still enjoyed it. Not once did I hiss at my computer when I walked by it. 😊 (And that’s saying something!) It’s simply that I already had my next five projects lined up. That’s all changed now and it’s changed because of you. After I began receiving such positive feedback and interest in Bloodbourne II: Uprising, I stopped to look at things not from my writers’ point of view, but from the readers. As a reader I hated when authors put out a book and then went on to other projects, sometimes waiting years before releasing the sequel. So, keeping my readers in mind I’m putting my book, Dragon Tamer aside and moving right on to Bloodbourne II instead.

I can’t say for certain when the release will be, but I won’t make you wait for the next installment of Bloodbourne. Promise. Although for full disclosure I will admit that two other projects have already been in the works. Bunny Feet and the ‘Color Me’ and paperback versions of my other children’s books have been in the works already, but they won’t cause much of a delay. Stay tuned for future updates on not only Bloodbourne II, but on all my current and upcoming releases.



My apologies for any problems you may have experienced while on the site. I’m currently doing maintenance. It seems that what worked yesterday doesn’t work today… go figure right? Anyway I hope to get the bugs out of things ASAP, I’ll see what the exterminator says. Thanks for hanging in there with me.


What to Expect When You’re… Dead, Zombie Toon

The Zombie Chronicles

Zombie Toons

Out to lunch


The Sanity of the List


The packages have been put away. Visitors have returned to their homes. The kids are back in school (for those that have them) and another Christmas season has passed. Yes it’s a new year and I’ve survived with my sanity intact. At last I think I have. Wait, let me check… yep, all there, I’m good. And I owe it to my handy dandy list. Did I say list? I meant listsssss.

There my ingredient list, my timed to do list (to make sure I have everything cooked and ready), the gift idea list along with its partnering list of family and friends (for making sure no one is missed and all the gifts are boxed, wrapped and ready), my Christmas chore list, the daily to do schedule list, the Christmas craft/projects/gifts list… well you get the idea.

I save myself hours of laying in bed at night running over things in my mind just knowing that I have a list. I get more rest and the satisfaction of seeing things crossed off the lists. I can literally see that I am making progress. The biggest thing to remember is that the list is a flexible entity. Things change and you need to go with it. I may be… okay I am obsessive with my lists, but they save me from having to down the Xanax I’m okay with that.


New Year; New Beginning

Happy New Year!

Each year we’re blessed with new beginning. A fresh new year ahead of us full of possibilities and opportunities to become the people we were created to be. As we celebrate this new beginning don’t lose sight that it’s not just a new year we are granted on this day, but each month we have a new beginning. Even each dawn is a new day. Each and every day is fresh and new and full of promise. So yesterday sucked big time… today is jut beginning. Today not working out so hot… tomorrow is on the horizon.


What to Expect When You’re… Dead Chapter Twenty Two

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Twenty Two

New Year, New Zombie

After reconnecting with my brother I decided that it’s time to look at my after life with new… well, life. So, I decided it was time to make some New Years Resolutions. Something I haven’t done in years, but I think it’s time to start.

-Make New Year Resolution (Check, see I’m off to a good start!)

-Eat healthier brains

-Find use for pine boxes

-Learn a dead language

-Review life insurance policy

-Research/invent bulletproof fedora and baseball cap

-Go to Romerofest

-Read more, binge watch cooking channel less


Post Publication ‘Now What?’s


The last period has been set. Spell check has been hit for the last time. Formatting has been completed and Bloodbourne is now on digital book shelves. Yay! The journey is complete and other than some website changes and promotional work the book has been closed. So…. Now what?

Yes friends I have officially hit the ’Now What?’ stage of the book writing process. It’s the point where I sit down at my computer and realize there’s no more editing to get through, no more chapters to be written and no more formatting to wade through. Now What? Each time I finish a book I tell myself that now it’s time to take a break and recharge my batteries. To enjoy some of my many hobbies that I’ve been neglecting, learn to play that violin that I’ve been ignoring for nearly two years now and catch up on my video game playing, before starting my next project. Just one problem, I don’t feel right if I’m not working. I love my work, and I’m so blessed that I do. So, will I take a break? Will I use my time to focus on actually enjoying the holidays this year and working on those artsy fun projects that I lay in bed at night dreaming up and planning? Mayyybe.

Do I have my next writing project in mind? Yes. I actually have my next twenty-eight projects planned. (Hey, I fully disclosed that I am a list person!) Will I give myself a break and have some fun doing nothing in particular? Probably not. Oh well. At least I tried, and my next book is…. 😊


What to Expect When You’re… Dead Chapter Twenty One

The Zombie Chronicles

Chapter Twenty One

Table Manners

A little over a week ago I got the surprise of my life; so to say. No there isn’t a cure to being a zombie; other than a bullet to the brain. I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and his family. I couldn’t believe it. I’d barely heard from them since they found out that I’d woken up dead one day. Things had been more than a little strained between us with my brother always coming up with an excuse as to why we couldn’t get together for a barbecue or anything. Finally I just gave up, writing them off as another casualty of my undead life. Then a couple of days before National Binge Eating Day (a.k.a. Thanksgiving) I get a call from my brother. I was so shocked that it took me a moment to answer the call and I half expected it to be a butt dial or something like that, but it wasn’t. As if that wasn’t enough he invited to their Thanksgiving dinner. At that moment I was thankful that my jaw didn’t fall off, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘jaw dropping’. Continue reading