Hubby Approved Bloodbourne CoverBloodbourne

Being at the top of the food chain doesn’t cross your mind… until you’re on the menu.
Calynn Moore was going about her life, minding her own business when a stranger came knocking. She thought she was doing a good thing; a kindness by returning a lost pet to a tearful little girl, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Now she’s a hostage to a family of other-worldly, homicidal, monsters that are fattening her up for their own version of a Thanksgiving dinner.
With no hope of rescue or escape she’s determined to go down fighting, but a single act of defiance opens a door to freedom. The catch? She has to trust one of the creatures holding her prisoner with her life. As time goes by and secret plans are put into play Calynn gets more than she bargained for as secrets are revealed and her life becomes more and more tied to the very monsters she’s desperate to escape from. Now she’s playing a deadly game of manipulation with the enemy waiting for the moment when one of them calls her bluff and catches her in the act, but will she lose her self in the process? Or will the one person she trusts to save her be her own destruction? Will she actually escape or be trapped in a world she never knew existed for the rest of her life? Is this the bad-luck of the draw or was it fate that brought her onto the doorstep of her doom?

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