Costly Obsession

 Animalize (Book 1)

 Jealousy, denial, rage, and a curse. Epson, South Carolina’s past is coming back to haunt its’ residents, and to kill them all one by one.








 Costly Obsession

Decay (Book2)

Eric Ramis’ first mistake cost him his future. He made his second mistake while trying to find a cure for A.I.D.S. (the result of his first mistake.) This one took his soul and led him into the darkest depths of Voodoo. Now he must escape.







 Costly Obsession

 Unleashed (Book 3)

A child’s game gave Timothy Hawthorne a friend that no one else could see. Now his family is dying to meet him and Timothy must stop the killing before he’s next. Can his imaginary friend protect him from an evil as old as mankind, or will Tim suffer the same fate as the others; skinned alive.








 A collection of poetry from a heart broken, desrtroyed and renewed by grace.








From darkness title

From Darkness

For rock legend Bane Bronson Hell was merely a source of inspiration for his lyrics. He’s about to be introduced to the real thing.


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