#HeLives #Risen

Come Up Here

God is not dead,

The grave couldn’t hold Him,

Now He waits for you to accept His gift.


New Year; New Beginning

Happy New Year!

Each year we’re blessed with new beginning. A fresh new year ahead of us full of possibilities and opportunities to become the people we were created to be. As we celebrate this new beginning don’t lose sight that it’s not just a new year we are granted on this day, but each month we have a new beginning. Even each dawn is a new day. Each and every day is fresh and new and full of promise. So yesterday sucked big time… today is jut beginning. Today not working out so hot… tomorrow is on the horizon.

Thanksgiving Blessings


I’m thankful for:

The food that I have, when so many go hungry.

The appliances I have to help me in preparing and cleaning up after that save me time so that I can &spend it with my loved ones.

Loved ones to spend time with, when so many are alone and lonely.

The air I breath, when for many taking a single breath is a struggle.

That I can see, hear, walk, smell, and touch, which enhances my life.

Most of all I’m thankful to God, for my life, His grace, mercy and most of all His salvation and undying perfect love.

Oh and I’m thankful for my cat, my little furry heater!!!

& Alka-Seltzer!!!!!

A Bit of Thanks

Just a few of the many things that I’m so grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day

(In no particular order)


My husband





A home

A (very) full tummy




The ability to walk, feel, hear and taste (see above tummy entry)

My fur family



Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

May your blessings outnumber the stars!